Re: Unicode Prerequeites for dia-0.90 ?

Le Sun, Jun 02, 2002, à 08:43:40AM -0400, Frederick C. Druseikis a écrit:

I've been trying to build dia-0.90 on my Red Hat 7.0 system (ximian 
desktop, up to date).
I'm receive in the following compilation errors that seem to be related 
to the libunicode version.
The following is output from make >err.out 2>&1

I've been compiling with /usr/include/unicode.h which comes from the GNOME
libunicode development package. Version is 0.4.0.

You may have luck compiling by adding just after #include <unicode.h>, line
149, the following line:

typedef unsigned int unicode_char_t;

Whether this succeeds or fails, I would love to know the outcome. Sounds
like one extra configure check may help here.


Hmm. These looks the same as what I have (except that I don't trust anything
ximian produces).

Where is that <unicode.h> file located on your system? How many copies, and
are these copies identical ?

Just for comparison purposes:

muscat%wc /usr/include/unicode.h
    207    1087    7846 /usr/include/unicode.h

I can e-mail you privately the contents of this file, if necessary.

        -- Cyrille



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