Re: Unicode Prerequeites for dia-0.90 ?

Le Sun, Jun 02, 2002, à 06:29:51PM -0400, Frederick C. Druseikis a écrit:

 I've been compiling with /usr/include/unicode.h which comes from the GNOME
 libunicode development package. Version is 0.4.0.

OK. I assume it's similar enough to the one on my system.

 typedef unsigned int unicode_char_t;

 I put this declaration at the beginning of lib/charconv.h There appear to be several places
 where it is needed;  and there appears to be an assumption that UNICODE_WORK_IN_PROGRESS is
 defined because it is set twice in config.h

 Whether this succeeds or fails, I would love to know the outcome. Sounds
 like one extra configure check may help here.

 But I also needed to define unicode_iconv_t too (also by putting it in lib/charconv.h).
 With these to changes (--with-iconv-prefix=) and defining both of these types, I can get it
 all to compile, *but it can't link*.

 The linker is looking for symbols such as unicode_strlen  unicode_strchr, etc.
 So I see these are defined kind-of in lib/charconv.h, but I don't get how they
 are supposed to connect to libunicode.

These symbols are defined in -lunicode. For some reason, this should have
been put in your global LDFLAGS by, but has not.
 Or is it supposed to be Globally UNDEFINED and locally DEFINED as needed?

Yes, UNICODE_WORK_IN_PROGRESS is supposed to be defined globally. Actually,
we're about to remove the need to define it and make it the only case.

        -- Cyrille


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