Re: Unit selection input

On Wed, 23 Jan 2002, Jason Maiorana wrote:

Yeah, I am coming to the same conclusion myself.
Current units are: Feet, meter, decimeter, millimeter, point,
inch.  Does anyone feel a strong need for things like yards, miles,
kilometers, pica, etc?

I would say so! Dia is slowly moving towards a point where it can be used
for more cartography. If there where things like shapes (curved+line
segments) with holes,

Bezierlines can do shapes (kinda), but not holes per se.

a distance finder tool, 

That might be interesting also for other cases.

and an object for compass, graticule, legend, and scale, it would be
excellent for that.

These can just be new objects, no problem there.

Alpha support, more layering control, a built-in sheet editor, and text
along contours would make it near perfect.

Eeep!  Well, alpha would be cool, but probably slow things down.  Layering
control -- what in particular would you want more?  Sheet editor -- a cool
thing that's been mentioned before, but nobody's done.  Text along contours
is very difficult unless we get the freetype stuff going (and even then,
I'm not sure).

also- dont forget user-defined units. And when printing- there should be
a way to specify the mapping between real units and diagram units...

User-defined units.  For those who just *can't* live without light-years as
units:)  Yes, user-defined units is a cool idea, too.  I'll get the regular
units working first, though.


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