RE: Problem getting dia installed

You will need to install the devel package from the same place you installed
this package (Ximian??). 

did this today, still not working.

RH7.2 comes with libxml-1.8.14-2 and libxml-devel-1.8.14-2 which are too
old. If you downloaded libxml-1.8.15-ximian.2, try downloading the
libxml-devel-1.8.15-ximian.2 from

Or, you can use libxml2 which you will need both the package and the
development package. The general rule is if you require a package to run an
application then you will need the development package to compile it.

i also have libxml2 and the devel. package. the make is still crashing
in the same place saying that /usr/lib/ does not exist. which
it does.

any other suggestions?

thanks for all suggestions so far.


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