Re: dia installation and gtk+

Le Wed, Feb 27, 2002, à 10:28:15PM +0100, Nino Novak a écrit:
On Tuesday 26 February 2002 23:50, you wrote:

install the -devel package from libxml2; normally, ./configure will pick up

didn't work for me
after installation of libxml and -devel (-1) installation could nearly be 
completed, exept this (output from make install:)

[snip SGML related stuff]

OK, so the libXML part (and binary compilation) seems to have succeeded. 

(followed by myriads of "did not", "was not" and "undefined")

Please give me one last hint before the weekend  ;-)

Please check the archives (this topic came back this month) on how to
disable the construction of documentation. Or maybe install all
docbook-related packages you can install...
        -- Cyrille


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