Re: g_get_home_dir()

On Tue, 26 Feb 2002, Hans Breuer wrote:
At 23:38 20.02.02 +0000, Alan Horkan wrote:

It probably will vanish, when g_get_home_dir() from glib-1.3 (than 2.0)
is used.

so you are saying that dia asks glib for the homedir
and that the problem needs to be fixed in glib?  
does dia need to use newer/different version of glib? 

i would like to fix this permanently but im not a brilliant programmer, im
not familiar with the dia source code and i would appreciate help.  

It returns the homedir; if not available the tmpdir; if not available
"C:\". And all the people not reading any FAQ but starting complains
have probably deserved to get the C: root dir filled with junk

i know dia is intended for more technical users, but ideally it would work
and they would not have to read the FAQ in the first place.  

As you are the one who did the windows report im sure you are sick and
tired of windows users asking stupid questions and can empathise.  If
and/or when linux is more popular there will be lots of linux users asking
stupid questions.   Saying they deserved it does not help anyone (but
your right they probably would not notice anyway).  

and they probably won't even notice :-)


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