g_get_home_dir() [was Re: Re(3): copying dig to MS word]

At 23:38 20.02.02 +0000, Alan Horkan wrote:


BTW where in the code is the home dir set?  i think Application Data is
the appropriate place to put the .diarc (and on multiuser windows
%userprofile%/Application Data).  I'd like to _try_ and solve the problem
so that it "just works", unless of course someone else has followed up on the
other similar suggestions made recently...

IMO using some strange Micros~1 definition is _not_ the right way to go.
Problems like this should probably used on the toolkit level.

It probably will vanish, when g_get_home_dir() from glib-1.3 (than 2.0)
is used.
It returns the homedir; if not available the tmpdir; if not available
"C:\". And all the people not reading any FAQ but starting complains
have probably deserved to get the C: root dir filled with junk
and they probably won't even notice :-)


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