Re: problems in CVS build

Le Sun, Feb 24, 2002, à 11:44:30AM -0800, Geoff Gerrietts a écrit:

My "make install" regularly fails when trying to install the docs.
Apparently, there are no document subdirectories to install. Anyone
have ideas on why this is so? (Another hidden dependency? A make
target I need to run? Files I need to leech from somewhere?)

Hmmm. Perhaps some docbook-related tools are missing on your machine ? I'm
not too sure of the exact dependencies in that area, sorry.
My final install doesn't actually successfully display a splash
screen. It brings up a little frame with what looks like an effort at
displaying a graphic, but there's no graphic there. Is this a
side-effect of not being able to get past the documentation part of
make install?
I was at one point lacking images for the taskbar icon, but I seem to
have resolved that by copying *.xpm *.png from the root build dir to 

I think that's a list of outstanding "ouch"es. :)

what was you --prefix when you ./configure'd ?

        -- Cyrille


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