problems in CVS build

I've built Dia successfully out of CVS, but I'm suffering from a
couple fairly minor afflictions. I could spend more time trying to
track these down myself, but I thought I'd ask first to see if anyone
had advice.

My "make install" regularly fails when trying to install the docs.
Apparently, there are no document subdirectories to install. Anyone
have ideas on why this is so? (Another hidden dependency? A make
target I need to run? Files I need to leech from somewhere?)

My final install doesn't actually successfully display a splash
screen. It brings up a little frame with what looks like an effort at
displaying a graphic, but there's no graphic there. Is this a
side-effect of not being able to get past the documentation part of
make install?

I was at one point lacking images for the taskbar icon, but I seem to
have resolved that by copying *.xpm *.png from the root build dir to 

I think that's a list of outstanding "ouch"es. :)


Geoff Gerrietts <ggerrietts yahoo com>
-rw-rw-rw-:  permissions of the beast

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