Re: Problems creating new SHAPES

Le Fri, Feb 15, 2002, à 09:49:58AM +0200, Emil G a écrit:

and there is not mentioned, that something should be changed in shape file.
May be it should be corrected.

Yes, definitely. Thanks for pointing that out.

I could not find what is error by myself, you know that on Windows, there is
no console ouput.

Well, many people complain about "console windows" popping up to spew 
"Gdk-Warning: qsmodkde a qdqsmk" and various things like that... Dia usually 
uses the same mechanism to log this kind of warnings (ie, no direct printf's
which will probably not show up on Windows). Perhaps this specific warning
has been silenced ? (I doubt it, I had "old" shapes lying in my
~/.dia/shapes for a very long time, and dia-CVS complained loudly every
time. I'll probably account the lack of warnings on the hmmm... stochastic
features of the Win32 platform ;-) )

        -- Cyrille


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