Re: Problems creating new SHAPES


Thanks for the help. That solved the thing.

However, I strictly followed #28 in FAQ:


Extending Dia
  1.. Q: How do I add new shapes/sheets?
  A: An explanation is given in doc/custom-shapes in the source distribution
on how the shape format works.
However, Dia now also has the capability of exporting a diagram as a shape.
Each collection of shapes (called a sheet) should be kept together in a
subdirectory of ~/.dia/shapes, e.g, ~/.dia/shapes/Engines. To make a shape,
first design it in Dia. Then export it into your subdirectory. Two files
will be generated, a .shape file and a .png file (the icon). Next update the
corresponding sheet file in ~/.dia/sheets, in this case called
Engines.sheet. Example contents of a sheet file is:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?> <!-- -*- xml -*- -->

<sheet xmlns="";>
  <description>Mechanical Engines</description>
    <object name="Engines - Gas">
      <description>A gas engine</description>
Each new object should be added to the sheet by adding an object section.
Next time you restart Dia, the new objects should show up in the list of


and there is not mentioned, that something should be changed in shape file.
May be it should be corrected.

I could not find what is error by myself, you know that on Windows, there is
no console ouput.

Best regards and many thanks

Emil Genov

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Le Thu, Feb 14, 2002, à 06:18:23PM +0200, Emil G a écrit:

shapes should begin with this

<shape xmlns="";


   <shape xmlns:svg="";>

Normally, dia complains about that in the log window.

-- Cyrille


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