Me Too! (was Re: Examples Page)

i did some "artistic" messing around with Dia

[Not on that page but hopefully will be]
i also started drawing some SouthPark Characters, i have not messed around
with it in a while but so far ive got two complete heads and various
unfinished bits and pieces.  Ill definately mail the list when i have
something more presentable.

If you prefer not to include them on the examples page i understand


On 1 Feb 2002, Lars Clausen wrote:

On Fri, 1 Feb 2002, foo cape com wrote:

I began diagramming a number of offices today
with dia (installed it this morning. nice program)
If examples are needed I'll happily submit them
to whom they need submitting to to go onto the
examples page. png images and the dia files et all.

That'd be lovely, I can take care of adding them.  Mail them to me or put
them on a webpage and give me the URL.

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