Re: fonts

Le Sat, Feb 02, 2002, à 01:24:18PM +0100, Matthieu Sozeau a écrit:
I have a similar problem with dia from CVS: couldn't find Helvetica{BoldOblique,Bold} and CourrierOblique. 
I know i have the adobe helvetica fonts. Are those differents? If true where to find them?
I also note that when using the X Font Server, dia can't open the "tcp/localhost:7100" socket. Is there a 

Is your xfs actually listening on tcp/7100 ? Some (most?) distros ship with
the xfs listening only on unix/7100, not tcp/7100. Either fix your xfontpath
to use unix/7100, or tell your xfs to honour TCP requests (probably a better
idea to do the former, unless you actually want your xfs to serve fonts to
other machines on the network (dumb X terminals, primarily, or machines with
local X server or xfs unable to process font types your own xfs is able to
do. First example might be TrueType support, but it's not required (not
used) at all in dia right now (Yep, I'm lying. Lars is doing really cool

        -- Cyrille


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