[way offtopic] Re: ugh, moore's "law"

Java has a bad reputation, it is not that slow.
Java is also fast enough.

I use a few java programs. Proof is in the pudding. They are _*SLOW*_.
(on both windows and linux, and the UI sucks on both. Java gui apps
crawl and squirm, and they look nasty.)
Also, dev times are much more affected by individual programmer than
by tool.

Slower languages such as C/C++ replaced faster assembly languages
convenient development usually far outweighs the benifits.

C++ can be faster than C code, and assembly is unwritable. Judicious
use of templates is usally the key. Many C/C++ compilers could use
work... but I think gcc3 is going to be fantastic.

Gnome 2 is actually faster than Gnome 1.  It was one of their goals
Gnome2 would not make a whole bunch of hardware obsolete.  

Yes, Gnome2 is going to be great. I think that once dia is ported to
alot of i18n, ui, and rendering problems will be fixed or more easily
fixable. And I do expect it to be faster. Im really looking forward to
replacing sawfish with metacity. The only real drags on a gnome2 desktop
will be mozilla and nautilus. I dont know what can be done about nauti,
but mozilla can be galeoned. Maybe a GMC revival is due...
And if only native *inline* svg could become mainstream mozilla. then
could have (svg'd) dia diagrams mixed right in with the html :)

If only my linux dev box hadnt made itself mission critical. As it
now I cant upgrade anything :(

I didnt mean to lump gnome in with windows and kde. If you want to see
an example of moores law going backwars, look at the speed of windows
on a typical intel machine of that windows release date.

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