Re: Is there some shape repository for dia ?

On mar, 2002-08-06 at 21:45, Lars Clausen wrote:
On Tue, 6 Aug 2002, Cyrille Chepelov wrote:
Le Tue, Aug 06, 2002, à 02:32:43PM -0500, Lars Clausen a écrit:

That sounds like a good compromise.  But there's just something sexy
about easy downloading of shape packages:)

Huh... APT is sexy ;-)

True, but then you'll have to restart Dia.  A dialog that knows about
repositories (maybe through a metaserver) and can give previews would be
really sexy.  Not something to spend our time on right now, though.

Why not "watching" the shape repository and load newcomers dynamically ?
WindowMaker can watch the changes in its config file. Why not Dia
watching for changes in its shape directory.

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