Re: Is there a more stable version than 0.88.1?

On 29 Apr 2002, Dominic Gamble wrote:
I downloaded the cvs version, and got it to compile after fixing a
couple of things.

I found that classes in UML shapes put heaps and heaps of space at the
end of member functions. I think this has something to do with the fact
that you can now set fonts per class.

Setting fonts per class probably isn't the best idea. If you could set
fonts which applied to all classes, then that would be great, but fonts
per class is just annoying. No one will want to go and set fonts
manually for each class.

I'm sure somebody will want to set different fonts or styles for
particularly important classes.  The Class object is somewhat broken (it's
a very complex object, and nobody really likes fiddling with it), it should
allow defaults and setting all objects in a group.

When drawing the class, it should get the font metrics and actally work
out how much space it really needs rather than making the class box so
huge!! There is a ridiculous amount of empty spaces for long member
functions (pages!)

The GTK space calculations are difficult to get right.  The FreeType
spacing is better, but getting the fonts right can be problematic.

Also class member functions default to virtual - bad choice. When
loading my classes from 0.88.1, they come up as virtual, even though
they weren't in 0.88.1. 

Ugh.  I bet some Java programmer did that:)  That kind of change should not
happen without a version update on the save file and conversion.  Bad
Cyrille!  No donut!


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