Re: Is there a more stable version than 0.88.1?

I downloaded the cvs version, and got it to compile after fixing a
couple of things.

I found that classes in UML shapes put heaps and heaps of space at the
end of member functions. I think this has something to do with the fact
that you can now set fonts per class.

Setting fonts per class probably isn't the best idea. If you could set
fonts which applied to all classes, then that would be great, but fonts
per class is just annoying. No one will want to go and set fonts
manually for each class.

When drawing the class, it should get the font metrics and actally work
out how much space it really needs rather than making the class box so
huge!! There is a ridiculous amount of empty spaces for long member
functions (pages!)

Also class member functions default to virtual - bad choice. When
loading my classes from 0.88.1, they come up as virtual, even though
they weren't in 0.88.1. 

Otherwise there looks to be some great improvements there.

I think for now though I will have to stick to dia 0.88.1, because it's
just too much of a hassle to go through each of my memeber functions in
all of my classes and change them back to concrete from virtual. Thats
many, many hours of work. Shame.

If only the dia save format was XML - I could have done it with a script
or something. Are there any plans to change the dia save format?

Despite all this, dia is a great tool and I would like to thank all of
those people putting their time and effort into it.

Dominic Gamble

On Mon, 2002-04-29 at 16:59, Jingzhao Ou wrote:

Don't feel frustrated. The CVS version is much better.
I strongly recommend you to have a try. I can see that
Dia is becoming better and better. I like Dia very

Best regards,

--- Dominic Gamble <dominic stratlink com au> wrote:

I'm using dia 0.88.1 and find that it keeps crashing
on me and I lose
all my work. Its very frustrating, and seems to
happen regularly. Dia
even crashes sometimes when I open a file.

I'm using UML shapes. This didn't happen when I was
using ER shapes.

Also, when I copy multiple objects, I get the
following error:

"Error? trying to connect a non connectable handle.
Check this out..."

The home page says 0.88.1 is the latest stable
version, released

Thats ages ago!

Is anyone actually maintaining this project?

Is the cvs version any better?


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