Re: Review of Keybindings [Re: Dia's user interface]

is Search/Find really a function that Dia is likely to add at a later

If Dia gets good at managing 100+ objects, find-by-name will become

Lars, FWIW, please add one No vote on the start-up hints.  Thanks to you,
I read Joel's book tonight, which doesn't contain anything earthshaking,
but is funny and pithy.  One of his themes is that users want to *do*
something, and software that interrupts the doing to spout off about the
how-to-do is just in the way.  (His critique of the Windows help file(s)
sizing dialog is wonderful.)  

When I start a program, the last thing I want is hints about how to do
something I'm not thinking about.  It's self-important.  I want to open my
file or plop a few shapes onto a new one, thanks.  If I want to read the
docs, I'll do that.  If I have to read the docs, the UI failed.  



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