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If you use a snapshot (see any Changelog in the list archive) then you don't
need to run

You will, however need to ensure that you have all the libraries required to
compile, as with CVS.

Good luck,

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I need to make some hacks on Dia so I can use it for my 
thesis (I require TeX math intermixed with text).

Specifically, I want to fix the text size and alignment in 
pstricks or make render_eps build a .tex file so I can use psfrag.

I would rather work on CVS code, but I can't get autogen to 
work on this RH7.1 system.

I get errors like this:
aclocal: 124: macro `AM_LANGINFO_CODESET' not 
found in library
aclocal: 125: macro `AM_ICONV' not found in library

Could somebody just mail me a "configure" generated by recent 
CVS? I'd rather hack the code then fight with auto* stuff. (I 
don't have
root on this box, so I can't use rpm's, I have to compile 
from scratch)

Mark Rages
markrages mlug missouri edu

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