Re: Dia's user interface

Hi there,
been lurking on this list for a while.

On Sunday, April 21, 2002, at 10:57 PM, Lars Clausen wrote:

Here's a UI question: If multiple objects are selected, should properties
changes apply to them all?  Currently that only happens when the objects
are grouped.

Yes, and the line width, style, fore/back color, arrow, of the currently selected object(s) should be reflected in the tool palette. When no objects are selected, those properties should reflect settings for new objects.

Opening a property dialog for multiple selection should show the set of properties common to all selected objects. This is really the main usability issue in Dia, IMHO - it's hard to change anything en masse.

A copy properties/ paste properties command would help, which could be tools (like an eyedropper/fill bucket combo).

Russell Holt
holtrf mac com

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