Re: font of UML package

Le Thu, Apr 11, 2002, à 10:48:00PM -0700, Adrien Beau a écrit:

I wasn't sure I had a sufficiently recent release of 
autothingy tools. My point was not to propose a correction
to the configure file, just to show what I had been
forced to quickly hack in order to have configure
running. stderr reports the line numbers of the configure
script, so that's where I looked, that's where I hacked.

Sure. Getting the job done (here, running the script) is of course perfectly 
Err... No, never did that. Rewriting a portion of a FAT
by hand, yes, I did that. Got back 99% of the data I
had lost, around 11 MB back in the days. Also for a
floppy that had lost one sector: the MBR.

Wow, congratulations !

It looked to me as if someone had done a messy cut n' paste
and hadn't looked back.

Could be. I have that kind of problems of "random paste" in NTemacs when 
alt-tabbing between it and Borland C++ Builder. Of course when that happens
just before a CVS commit, it usually raises screams...

I'll upgrade, let me know if Monday's snapshot is fine.

        -- Cyrille


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