Re: font of UML package

Le Thu, Apr 11, 2002, à 03:56:03PM -0700, Adrien Beau a écrit:
On Thursday 11 April 2002 15:24, Adrien Beau wrote:

The patch below lists the correction
I've made in order to run configure successfully.

Err, the script was not the only screw up of the day... :(
Here is the patch:

You should never patch a configure script; always the source or
one of the M4 macros which contribute to builing the configure script (you
don't patch an ELF executable, do you ?)

However, it looks like this patch could help Didier. It is possible that
some M4 macros are screwed on my system indeed (it's a sid box, and I did a
dist-upgrade a couple days ago; I'll re-do a complete upgrade this week-end,
perhaps this'll bring in fixed M4 files)

        -- Cyrille


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