Announcing the 'Sheets and Objects' dialog

M.C.N Enterprises in association with Steffen Macke Heavy Industries
proudly present version 1.0 of the 'Sheets and Objects' dialog.  

With this amazing new feature, you can edit your sheets, add new 
SVG shapes, reorder them, move them around and generally make things
the way you want them.

"It chops, it fillets, it dices, it slices, it finds you a job,
it washes your car, it orders a pizza.  It finds that lost slipper
that's been lodged under the chaise lounge for several weeks."

Coming soon to a cvs server near you.

This code is still beta.  Reports of problems, bugs, and inexplicable
features should be directed to the list.


 - michael -

With apologies to Tom Waits.  Public key on

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