Sorry I forgot to wrtie my answer:
I know that you can do this with UML plugin and the converter (perl programm)
but I don't no the UMl formalism and I have no time to learn so I keep going
with the ERD


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On 2002.04.05 10:11 yves guerin muhc mcgill ca wrote:

Thank you for your help, because I try to code a software to do the
mapping from
the Dia ER diagram to generate a sql script for PostgreSQL.

There is a plug-in to generate very basic SQL/92 from a UML diagram.
Unfortunately I never packaged it so you'd need to compile it from
source.  I didn't make one for the ER sheet because the Dia ER
internals are much more complex than the UML object for this purpose.
The tarball is attached.


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