Re: RE: dia-0.89

Le ven, sep 07, 2001, à 02:51:36 +0100, Rui Miguel Seabra a écrit:

Please, rms... I'm not Stallman :)

Sorry, been doing too much Win32 development these days :-]

(which reminds me it would perhaps be a nice idea to include MD5sums of the
snapshots as well, though I wonder how to make this tamper-proof short of
manually typing my GPG key every day at 9:25am)

md5sums can be done automatically easily.

Yes. The problem is not generating them, the problem is making sure a given
md5sum really originated from whom it says it has, and giving a downloader
reasonable assurances that the MD5sum in question is indeed valid and has
not been tampered with.

        -- Cyrille


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