Closing resolved bugs

There are quite a few resolved but unclosed bugs on Bugzilla.  Am I right in assuming that they only need to 
be verified by a 3rd party before they can be closed?  I would be happy to check out as many as I can, if 
this is true.  

Some guidelines would be helpful.  For instance, I am running the Windows version on NT 4.0.  Can I close 
bugs that were reported on Linux that I have verified fixed on Windows?  The other project that I follow 
closely is AbiWord.  Parts of its code can be very different on different platforms, so I do not close a bug 
reported on another platform unless it has been reproduced on Windows.  But Windows and *NIX versions of Dia 
are nearly identical, correct?  So would it be OK to close bugs reported on Linux (for instance) that I have 
verified fixed on Windows?  Some bugs clearly wouldn't apply to Windows, so I would of course be reasonable.

Rob Campbell
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