Re: building cvs snapshot

Le lun, sep 03, 2001, à 06:47:19 +0100, Nicholas Piper a écrit:

So Dia *is* finding the files... Just not adding them to the GUI


It looks normal, but I'm pasting UML.sheet below in case you notice
something wrong with it.

It should have translations in it ; you currently have an untranslated file.
Hmmm. xml-i18n-tools problem (perhaps not the one which is causing the
absence of tools).

Could you try to grab the "translated sheets" tarball from the snapshot
place, and replace *one* sheet file, and see what happens ?

(assuming this tarball is not corrupt, which might be possible).

Before I do that, there is a second issue. My .dia directory was
existing from 0.88 Dia. If I delete ~/.dia/pluginrc and then run Dia
0.89-test and quit twice, on the *second* time I get ;

/home/nicholas/.dia/pluginrc:1: error: Unsupported encoding ANSI_X3.4-1968
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ANSI_X3.4-1968"?>

You're the second person to report this encoding (unless you happen to work
for Lucent). What the hell is happening ?

I don't fully understand the big picture.
What I understand happens:
   * the pluginrc is loaded. It was produced by an older version, so
encoding specification is absent, and latin1 is assumed.
   * pluginrc is saved. It is saved using the local encoding. This is the
broken libxml1 code base at work here: the encoding spec is written, but
libxml doesn't really know what it's doing.
   * we reload dia. It sees an encoding specification. We load using the
libxml2 parser bundled into recent libxml1's. That parser knows what an
encoding is ; unfortunately, it doesn't know what X3.4-1968 is.

You know what ?

this is the pedantic way of saying "US-ASCII".

I'm adding right now a check to get_local_charset(). And writing apologies
in the bugzilla.

        -- Cyrille


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