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On Mon, 03 Sep 2001, Cyrille Chepelov wrote:

Le lun, sep 03, 2001, à 06:24:06 +0100, Nicholas Piper a écrit:

With which prefix have you ./configure'd ?

I didn't provide one. The make install put the sheets in that
directory, so I presume dia would be told to look there too.

It should, indeed. Perhaps stracing dia (|grep open) could provide clues ?


open("/usr/local/share/dia/sheets/UML.sheet", O_RDONLY) = 7
open("/usr/local/share/dia/sheets/ER.sheet", O_RDONLY) = 7
open("/usr/local/share/dia/sheets/sybase.sheet", O_RDONLY) = 7
open("/usr/local/share/dia/sheets/FS.sheet", O_RDONLY) = 7
open("/usr/local/share/dia/sheets/network.sheet", O_RDONLY) = 7

nicholas piamox7:/tmp/dia-cvs-snapshot$ ls -l /usr/local/share/dia/sheets/UML.sheet
-rw-r--r--    1 root     root         2752 Sep  3 16:36 /usr/local/share/dia/sheets/UML.sheet

So Dia *is* finding the files... Just not adding them to the GUI

(The cycle widget has no entries)

It looks normal, but I'm pasting UML.sheet below in case you notice
something wrong with it.

Before I do that, there is a second issue. My .dia directory was
existing from 0.88 Dia. If I delete ~/.dia/pluginrc and then run Dia
0.89-test and quit twice, on the *second* time I get ;

/home/nicholas/.dia/pluginrc:1: error: Unsupported encoding ANSI_X3.4-1968
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ANSI_X3.4-1968"?>

But if I delete/move ~/.dia away, Dia 0.89 creates and uses it fine
(and it makes a pluginrc which contains <?xml version="1.0"


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <!-- -*- xml -*- -->
<sheet xmlns="";>
  <description>Editor for UML Static Structure Diagrams</description>
    <object name="UML - Class" intdata="0">
      <description>Create a class</description>
    <object name="UML - Class" intdata="1">
      <description>Create a template class</description>
    <object name="UML - Note">
      <description>Create a note</description>
    <object name="UML - Dependency">
      <description>Create a dependency</description>
    <object name="UML - Realizes">
      <description>Realizes, implements a specific interface</description>
    <object name="UML - Generalization">
      <description>Generalization, class inheritance</description>
    <object name="UML - Association" intdata="0">
      <description>Association, two classes are associated</description>
    <object name="UML - Association" intdata="1">
      <description>Aggregation, one class is part of another</description>
    <object name="UML - Implements">
      <description>Implements, class implements a specific interface</description>
    <object name="UML - Constraint">
      <description>Constraint, place a constraint on something</description>
    <object name="UML - SmallPackage">
      <description>Create a (small) package</description>
    <object name="UML - LargePackage">
      <description>Create a (large) package</description>
    <object name="UML - Actor">
      <description>Create an actor</description>
    <object name="UML - Usecase">
      <description>Create a use case</description>
    <object name="UML - Lifeline">
      <description>Create a lifeline</description>
    <object name="UML - Object">
      <description>Create an object</description>
    <object name="UML - Message">
      <description>Create a message</description>
    <object name="UML - Component">
      <description>Create a component</description>
    <object name="UML - Node">
      <description>Create a node</description>
    <object name="UML - Classicon">
      <description>Create a class stereotype icon</description>
    <object name="UML - State">
      <description>Create a state machine</description>
    <object name="UML - Branch">
      <description>Create a branch</description>

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