Re: building cvs snapshot

On Mon, 03 Sep 2001, Cyrille Chepelov wrote:

Le lun, sep 03, 2001, à 04:46:12 +0100, Nicholas Piper a écrit:
I've got the cvs snapshot to build and install, with a few issues:

 * doesn't work. There doesn't appear to be a
saxlib.DocumentHandler.locator for CounterHandler to inherit, and
setDocumentLocator(self,locator) is never called. Because of this; 

you need to find a working saxlib (python-xml package). FWIW, my version of
python-xml is 0.6.5 (yes, one package for which I'm not on the bleeding

I do have a working saxlib; version 0.6.6 (you snipped my mentioning
it). Does 0.6.5 really have a default DocumentHandler.locator method ?

 * sheets don't turn up. They are in /usr/local/share/dia/sheets/
(eg. /usr/local/share/dia/sheets/ER.sheet) and are the correct set.
plugins went into /usr/local/lib/dia. A few old ones were in there
that dia cvs snapshot complained about so I moved away ;

With which prefix have you ./configure'd ?

I didn't provide one. The make install put the sheets in that
directory, so I presume dia would be told to look there too.


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