Re: [RFC] moving translations off sheets ?

Le sam, jun 09, 2001, à 08:19:42 -0500, Lars Clausen a écrit:

1) If other people distribute sheets and shapes, they can't put the
translations into Dia's .po files.  So the translation will still be done
in the sheets for sheets outside the Dia distro.  Thus the translation
support must still be available.


2) The sheets divide up nicely by technical field.  If I know somebody who
knows, say, SADT translations, I wouldn't want him or her to wade through
the (large!) .po file to find those that come from SADT.

PO files have special comments which track the line number(s) of a message's
origin. PO-mode in EMACS can show this ; and I think it can grep for
comments. OTOH, I'm not that afraid of poor translations: there has been a
huge bug in the French translation of UML classes. While it lasted a bit
long, eventually enough people got fed up with that problem, and had sent

Unfortunately, the language teams know how to deal with PO files, and
usually don't know anything else (and don't bother to try to find out)

3) What if two sheets have shapes with the same description in English, but
different ones in other languages?  I can't point to any right away as I
don't know most of the technical fields, but it is entirely possible.

I don't know if gettext has any way to discriminate between two messages
with identical identifiers (== identical "C" text) ; anyway, the problem can 
also happen in .c files. 

Can you have the in-sheet translations have priority over the .po files?

Very easily. In fact, that was my plan. 

        -- Cyrille


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