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That was me:)  <Ctrl>+F would be a good replacement.  But what about plain F

Ctrl+F would be more consistant

Unshifted shortcuts keys don't interfere with Dia's operation, because text
input is not a typical operation. They only apply to the canvas, so when a
dialog has the focus, they are overridden.  Likewise, when a note is edited
directly in the canvas, the shortcuts are correctly overridden.

I was wondering if that might cause a conflict, even if it does not it could confuse the user if the keybindings _seem_ to stop working when in fact something else has just grabbed the focus. I actually add a lot of text to my diagrams. its a bit messy since you cant select copy cut past the text, (at least not with the version on Dia im using).
Off Topic: It would be nice if Dia had an alternative method of defining
shortcuts, so that any shortcut could be assigned to any command.  I've

If there are particular functions that you think would really be much more useful if they had a keybinding then maybe we can figure out a way to hook a keybinding on to it (perhaps we might be able to convince people that it is worth adding an extra menu item). Personally, I found it quite cumbersome to change the color of lots of small shapes, but its probably easier with the newer builds which i believe allow you to change the properties of multiple object at the same time. (i had a whole group of circles that i was coloring in variety of different colors, for a simple artist like myself a grid of basic colors would be easier. I could probably just use the Gnome color selector, except of course when im using MS windows.
tried editing the key bindings file (I forgot what it's called) to no avail.
Am I doing it wrong?  Does GIMP or another GTK+ application have code that

Abiword has dynamic menus, to allow plugins to insert a menu item (im not sure if that help tho'), first Gnome app' to have it allegedly. If you are looking to steal code, then steal the code that writes a dump of the current file if the program segfaults (but then you cant use bug-buddy)

can be stolen?  That might be a first project that I could tackle.

I'm looking forward to your key bindings.  Shortcuts are much more efficient
than menus.

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Show All means show all the diagram in the current window,
"Fit All" or

"Zoom to Fit" Ctrl+F

keybinding will take some getting used to but i just need to Free up
Ctrl+A and then i can add Ctrl+Shift+A and Ctrl+I (Select
All, None, and Invert respectively).

From looking at the Gnome Guidlines iI was also considering changing Delete to
Clear Ctrl+K
ive got kinda used to using Ctrl+D, but the the Gimp uses Clear Ctrl+K and i think it is highly unlikely to conflict with any more useful keybindings Assuming loads of people dont object im going to change that too, especially since i know that users can override it if they feel the need. (While playing around by setting my own keybindings i realised why Delete was not simply the Delete key. Delete is reserved for clearing a Keybinding)

[*] this is probaby worth mentioning in the Manual (Customisation
section perhaps?)
(saying it as much help me to remember to do it as to encourage anyone
else to...)

its mentioned in the FAQ. i should mail the Gnome Documentation Project and suggest they include the FAQ as part of the documenatation (and maybe a copy of the man page too, if its available in SGML it should be dead easy). I just realised that middle clicking allows you to add a corner to polygons and polylines, ill definately have to update the documentation (im just not used to having a middle button, i wonder how MS windows users get around i that?)

Could people please make any objections known in the next day or two before i write and submit the patch


i get the feeling im forgetting something, but this message is already long enough...

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