Re: gnome guidelines and keybindings [Fwd: more keybindings]

Le mer, déc 12, 2001, à 04:53:42 +0000, Alan Horkan a écrit:

i was considering adding more keybindings (ive checked them against the 
gnome *draft* guidelines) but when i checked against CVS i realised some of 
them were already taken. 

Select All     Ctrl+A 
 shit, already used by View/Show All, which also scuppers the next 
 shortcut.  Select None    Ctrl+Shift+A 

Select Invert  Ctrl+I  already used by New View
(warning if Dia were to be ported to MacOS this would conflict with the 
"Get Info Command I", but thats not likely to be problem anytime soon).  

Is it worth changing these?  If so it is better to change them sooner 
rather than later when people have gotten used to using particular 

Since shortcuts can be overriden when they're not fit, I don't think that
would be too much of a pain. What do others think ? (I, personally, use
neither of these).

keybindings. Is there a roadmap for Dia, what is Dia 1.0 expected to be and 
dare i ask when?  I realise version numbers are somewhat arbitrary but they 

Sometime in June/July I wrote something about 
        * completing the UTF8 audit (partially done)
        * moving to libxml2 (halfway done, we can't dump libxml1 support
                     while we're GNOME1, but as long as we don't link in any 
                     other XML-using components, we know how to use properly 
        * moving the Win32 port to GTK_TALKS_UTF8_WE_DONT (which is the real
        * then, defining UNICODE_WORK_IN_PROGRESS, moving the Win32 port to 
        GTK_TALKS_UTF8 only (since then on that platform dia and gtk will
        together be talking UTF-8), and defining GTK_DOESNT_TALK_UTF8_WE_DO
        on *nix
        * review the code to port to gtk2/GNOME2, turn on 100% UTF8 support
        on all platforms, clean all that mess left by the transition (remove
        all 8-bit datapaths).

        * When we're gtk2/GNOME2, we'll have the possibility to include
        DiaCanvas. We'll also have the possibility to do rotating text,
        meaning we could at long last code what's needed to put to rest a
        very popular FAQ.

        * in parallel with all that stuff above, complete the StdPropisation
        of all objects (including UML Class), so that the behaviour of
        objects is as consistent as possible. While at that, check that the
        shapes' property dialogs also use the StdProp primitives where that 
        makes sense, for the same reason.

(rewriting all that by memory). You'll notice there is absolutely nothing
above about new user-visible features (save for "seamless i18n" which is
really cool, and "perhaps rotations one day" which is also). This is all
about core cleanups which are my pet peeves. I'm not talking here about
Jose's cool new features (which I like a lot), or any new shapes, or any new
objects, which would add a lot of value to the tool, but I think these will
come more or less naturally, so they don't need a roadmap being written.

However, at that time I thought I would have time and energy to work on dia
after the day job (my employer is even OK on that). As I've previously
mentioned, I hope I can resume some work on it soon, but there's nothing
sure at this moment.
have a certain significance to some people (one of my friends wont use pre 
v1.0 software even if it is stable and Nestcape rebrand it as 6.2).  

I won't really use the m- word because I don't know your friend, but all 
that's asked to a version number is to be monotonically increasing, period. 
It's not like a version 14.0 product is necessarily more advanced or more 
stable than a version 0.96 product...

        -- Cyrille


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