gnome guidelines and keybindings [Fwd: more keybindings]

i was considering adding more keybindings (ive checked them against the gnome *draft* guidelines) but when i checked against CVS i realised some of them were already taken.

Select All Ctrl+A shit, already used by View/Show All, which also scuppers the next shortcut. Select None Ctrl+Shift+A
Select Invert  Ctrl+I  already used by New View
(warning if Dia were to be ported to MacOS this would conflict with the "Get Info Command I", but thats not likely to be problem anytime soon). Is it worth changing these? If so it is better to change them sooner rather than later when people have gotten used to using particular keybindings. Is there a roadmap for Dia, what is Dia 1.0 expected to be and dare i ask when? I realise version numbers are somewhat arbitrary but they have a certain significance to some people (one of my friends wont use pre v1.0 software even if it is stable and Nestcape rebrand it as 6.2).

Mise le meas Alan Horkan

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