Re: Scale is NaN

On Mon, 2001-12-10 at 15:17, Cyrille Chepelov wrote:
    I am having a problem with DIA. This is a nice piece of software,
congratulations to developers. 
    In some circustances, a file created with DIA get a NaN (Not a Number)
in scale field and can be printed anymore. I can change the scale
anymore, too. 

This has happened me, and sometimes still does.
I am using dia 0.88.1 (tested against source, redhat and ximian

I have the solution though:

edit the file (remember to gunzip it if you use compressed files, btw,
because of this bug, I no longer save docs compressed so I can cure the
files with mv, gunzip, vi, gzip, mv steps)

ERASE this whole tag and children:

    <dia:attribute name="paper">

save and reopen the file with dia.

problem solved

Hugs, rms

ps: when will we have gpg signed releases of dia?

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