Read this if you make use of install-module on

I've made 2 changes:
1. Switched machines
   SSH will complain about this. Just edit ~/.ssh/known_hosts to make
   these warnings go away. The new SSH key fingerprints are:
   RSA: 00:b6:71:1a:a6:c8:43:30:6c:08:9d:8e:01:43:24:ef
   DSA: 8b:c6:f7:7b:cb:ff:77:6a:7b:33:d7:27:e7:0a:f3:85
2. New script to install tarballs
     ftpadmin install TARBALL [TARBALL ...]
   Please add a description (not just shortdesc) to your DOAP file!

Regarding the new 'ftpadmin' script:
- It does all kinds of consistency checks on the tarball
  e.g. everything in one directory, no extra data in the tarball
  (gtk+-2.12.6.tar.bz2 is twice as big as it should be), etc

- NEWS/ChangeLog diffs against the previous version will work even if
  the it is 2.91.93 vs 3.0.0

- It uses information from the DOAP file
  Due to this, you could theoretically use different names for everything:
    git module: foo
    tarball: bar
    bugzilla product: baz
  Please do not do this though!

  Tarball names are determined from:
    <download-page rdf:resource=""; />
  (MUST be!)

  Bugzilla products are determined from:
     <bug-database rdf:resource=""; />
  (MUST have product=something)

- Announcement mails are a bit nicer
  If you have a <description> in your DOAP, it is used. Falls back to
  shortdesc. It'll also use the name (so in the mail it'll use 'GNOME
  Shell instead of 'gnome-shell')

- Announcement mails are bcc'ed to the maintainers
  So make sure the maintainer info is up to date

- Supports tar.xz  (ONLY uploads tar.bz2 and tar.gz)
  ==> won't put tar.xz on!
  Limited upload bandwidth? Just generate a tar.xz and upload that.
  It'll be converted to tar.bz2 and tar.gz. It will NOT put a tar.xz on A switch to tar.xz is planned, but at this time only
  tar.bz2 and tar.gz are uploaded!

- In case of multiple tarballs on the command line, sorts the tarballs
  correctly on version number and installs them in the right order.
  This is important when you're switching from one place to for your tarballs.

- Contains releng release_set_scripts as well

If anything breaks or you have an enhancement request, file a bug at:

PS: Currently the drawable databases are running on the same machine. So
it can be slow at times.

PS2: If anything breaks, please file a bug and I'll look at it and I'll
also install your tarball. That said, you can still ssh to
'' and use the old 'install-module' script.

PS3: New script lives in the sysadmin-bin module.

PS4: More changes are planned. See


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