Update on bugzilla.gnome.org / blogs.gnome.org

So, as previously mentioned we suffered a hardware failure to the
raid controller on the database machine that serves as the backend for
bugzilla.gnome.org, blogs.gnome.org, and various other services. (*)

We had an service technician from the hardware vendor on-site yesterday,
but they didn't make a lot of progress, and after it became clear that
the chances were low of getting the machine operational by the end of
today, we decided to restore from the latest backups we had, which were
taken around 8:00 UTC yesterday morning.

The databases for both bugzilla.gnome.org and bugs.gnome.org are now
restored and running on one of our other servers. Data since 8:00 UTC
Thursday morning is lost and is not expected to be recovered. We're
really sorry about that and apologize to anybody who lost work.

We'll try to get the other services up and running today or over the
next few days.

If you hit any problems, please mail gnome-infrastructure gnome org or
file a bug report against the Sysadmin product in bugzilla.

- Owen

(*) Services I'm aware of are: art.gnome.org, our CiviCRM instance,
    and piwik.

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