Re: GNOME 3.0 Rescheduled for September 2011 Release


In case people had any doubt, this was an April 1st joke :-) If
anything, the work that occurred last week showed us that we're going to
get a strong 3.0 release!

Obviously, this development cycle was a bit different from our usual
cycles, as we've all wanted to make sure that 3.0 will be fantastic, and
this explains many of the changes happening this late in the cycle.
Things will go back to normal for 3.1/3.2.



Le vendredi 01 avril 2011, à 07:04 +0200, Vincent Untz a écrit :
> GNOME Friends,
> The release team met this week at the Bangalore hackfest, and after much
> discussion, took the decision that it is in our best interest to delay
> 3.0 to September. We had a call with the Board to explain the
> motivations, and the Board fully supports this decision.
> This was obviously not an easy decision to take, but several factors
> lead to this delay:
>    - the number of freeze break requests
>    - some modules seeing merge of branches with more than 10000 lines of
>      changes
>    - the constant changes in the design
>    - a platform that is moving in new directions (with GTK+ 4 coming
>      soon, for example)
> To keep the focus on 3.0, we are not proposing to release GNOME 2.34
> next week. However, a new module proposals period will open for 3.0, and
> we are committed to carefully consider the forthcoming proposals,
> including alternate desktop shells.
> You can read the full press release about this:
> Thanks,
> Vincent
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