TARBALLS DUE (before Monday 23:59 UTC!, don't forget translators!): GNOME 3.0.0 Final Release


Thank you! I really want to start with that: everybody in the community
has been working hard for 3.0, and this makes a big difference. Of
course, there have been various difficulties, and the recent hardware
failure on servers did not help; but we were able to all go beyond that
and we are now about to write an important line in the history of our
project. So thank to everyone in the community for accepting to deal
with a difficult release cycle; be sure that now that we are entering
our 3.x life, we will go back to "quieter" cycles.

And of course, do not forget to take a break next week to celebrate
GNOME 3.0!

We encourage everyone to help with the smoketesting effort. We will
publish jhbuild modulesets on Tuesday at:

If you find a bug that you believe might be a blocker, please send a
mail to the release team.

Tarballs are due on Monday April 4th before 23:59 UTC for our first
GNOME 3 release ever, GNOME 3.0.0, which will be released to the world
on Wednesday April 6th.

As a word of warning, there is absolutely no guarantee that your tarball
will be taken if you release after Monday. But the good news is that we
can help you release one if needed! Just ask the release team.

For more informations about 2.91/3.0, the full schedule and the official
module lists, please see our colorful 2.91 page on the wiki:

For a quick overview of the GNOME schedule, please see:

Rock on!


Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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