Adding module descriptions

The great migration to is now underway. Once your module
shows up on, you'll notice that it is
described as:

 Unnamed repository; edit this file to name it for gitweb.

Since you want something better than that, what you are going to do to
fix is add a file in the toplevel of your module named:


Which is a DOAP file (in RDF/XML) for your module. As an example, for
the pango module, the file would be called 'pango.doap'. A DOAP file is
a "description of a project" file, and allows listing all sorts of
things about your module in machine-readable form. We'll likely use more
from it in the future, but for now the only thing that matters is the
'shortdesc', which should be a phrase like:

 Internationalized text layout and rendering library
(No leading 'A' or 'The', no trailing period)

Thanks to Shaun McCance there's no need to worry about how to create a
DOAP file, just find your module in:

And select the "Download DOAP template file" link to get a DOAP file for
your module that you can then edit as necessary. It might even already
have a good shortdesc if Pulse could find one from your .desktop file.

- Owen

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