Git day minus 1

Tomorrow, Thursday April 16th, is the big flag day for the GNOME
repositories. We've moved over quite a few repositories from SVN,
GitHub, and other places that people have put GNOME
git repositories, but tomorrow we finish the migration and move over
everything else. We've timed it so that the 2.26.1 release could be
finished first, and since that just happened, now is the time to push
the big button. Thanks to a lot of sysadmin legwork from Owen, the
GNOME git infrastructure is looking great: we have cgit set up on and the various commit hooks and mailing lists scripts
have been setup and tuned.

What will happen tomorrow is that all SVN repositories will be marked
readonly around 10am EST and then we'll start the migration. The git
repositories will show up in cgit as they're converted and will be
ready to clone and push to. We've done a few test runs on all the
GNOME repos and I expect the conversion process to take most of the

Part of the migration project has been to update the documentation and
there's a introduction document in place for developers and a guide
for translators as well. There's room for improvement still, but in
the meantime a lot of GNOME contributers are already familiar with git
and can help out on irc etc.

See you on the other side!

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