intltool move

Hey Everyone,

As some of you may have seen in my blog post[1], Danilo and I have
decided to move intltool over to Launchpad[2], as the project is not
specific to GNOME, and Launchpad gives us some features which none of
the other code hosting sites have. Particularly, there have been a fair
number of complaints about Launchpad Translations vs. upstream, and how
it is somewhat difficult to keep the two in line. One feature I have
been personally wanting to do for quite some time now, is to integrate
Launchpad Translations support into intltool, to make dealing with the
differences easier, or to make the problems go away entirely, for some.

The intltool product on is now closed for new
reports, and the SVN module was moved over to svn-archive before the transition to git. The latest intltool code is already in a
bzr branch on Launchpad (lp:intltool) and, all new bugs should be
reported at from now on. There are
still a few open bugs in bugzilla, which Danilo or myself will deal
with as appropriate, by fixing, moving, or closing as wontfix.

If there were any status scripts, or tools, which were pulling intltool
from SVN, please update those to pull from the bzr branch now instead.

I hope the transition has been smooth (nobody's made loud noisy
complaints yet), and we can expand our user base outside of GNOME
through the efforts Danilo and myself are making with intltool. If
there are any problems, questions, or complaints, feel free to bug
either one of us on IRC, or via e-mail.


-- Rodney

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