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Hello Michael,

I think this is a bug in gnome-screenshot. It doesn't populate the relation of combo box to Save in folder, instead it directly provides the combo box name as the current selected folder.

In my test scenario, it shows the home directory as default name. So ldtp detects it as cbonags, If I need do operation on the folder name, I have to use:

comboselect('dlgSaveScreenshot', 'cbonags', 'Desktop')

This combo box name (cbonags) is applicable till we close the window. So, I think, we can determine the user like:

import os
from ldtp import *

user = os.getenv('LOGNAME')
comboselect('dlgSaveScreenshot', 'cbo%s' % user, 'Desktop')

Hope this helps.

Other comments below.


Michael Fletcher wrote:
I cannot seem to change the value of the "Save in Folder" combo box in gnome-screenshot. Attempting to to so raises the error "selectindex failed: Unable to find object name in application map". LDTP is working for other controls on that screen.

ldtp.selectindex('dlbSaveScreenshot', 'cboSaveinfolder', 0)

My theory (and i'm sure I got some of this wrong) is that the 'Save in Folder' label has not been associated with the combo box. I think this because the the "Name" text field is working fine and in accercizer the label 'Name:' is the label for the Name text field right beside it.

I pulled gnome-utils from git and got a surprise. The 'Name:' label was not associated to the name text field in the GtkBuilder file however it appears as they are associated in accerciser.

My questions:

1. How does the name of a widget in ldtp get determined? If this is explained somewhere please point me in the right direction.
You can refer this doc

2. How is the label-for as it appears in accerciser determined? I assumed it was in the GtkBuilder file.
The label for the combo box appears as the home folder name

I'm testing with Jaunty, ldtp 1.5.1 and the latest mago from bzr.
You can upgrade to LDTP 1.7.0

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