[gnome-desktop-testing] Accessibility on Gnome-Screenshot

I cannot seem to change the value of the "Save in Folder" combo box in gnome-screenshot.  Attempting to to so raises the error "selectindex failed: Unable to find object name in application map".  LDTP is working for other controls on that screen.

ldtp.selectindex('dlbSaveScreenshot', 'cboSaveinfolder', 0)

My theory (and i'm sure I got some of this wrong) is that the 'Save in Folder' label has not been associated with the combo box.  I think this because the the "Name" text field is working fine and in accercizer the label 'Name:' is the label for the Name text field right beside it.

I pulled gnome-utils from git and got a surprise.  The 'Name:' label was not associated to the name text field in the GtkBuilder file however it appears as they are associated in accerciser.

My questions:

1. How does the name of a widget in ldtp get determined?  If this is explained somewhere please point me in the right direction.

2. How is the label-for as it appears in accerciser determined?  I assumed it was in the GtkBuilder file.

I'm testing with Jaunty, ldtp 1.5.1 and the latest mago from bzr.

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