Re: Can we enforce beta release for the freeze

Hi Georges,

I appreciate that, and I'm sorry my email was perhaps abrasive and that it upset you. I'll try to choose my words more carefully in the future. It really wasn't my intention to assign blame. I'm also struggling to keep plates spinning, and sometimes I drop them as well.

What I want is a discussion on how we can ensure beta releases happen in the future. For example, can we do more to automate releases? Or (again, for example), could we have an automated script that emails this list with modules missing beta releases? Then even if releases are missed, people like me would at least know what to expect from the beta.

On Sun, 2021-02-21 at 20:41 -0300, Georges Basile Stavracas Neto via desktop-devel-list wrote:
Hi Shaun,

I appreciate how frustrating it is to have someone else negatively impacting your
day work, and I'm sincerely sorry about that. I'm usually responsible for doing
the Settings unstable releases, and Robert usually takes care of stable releases.
I should have asked Robert to do this unstable release this time. Unfortunately, I
cannot offer you any solid reason for this delay - it just fell through the cracks.

I'd like to offer another perspective: as of lately, I'm struggling to keep all these
plates spinning. This time, one fell. After waking up unusually early to do a
Sunday morning release, I can't say that reading this email put a smile on my

You can try and squeeze maintainers for more, for tight schedules, for no mistakes,
but I'm afraid this one is already dry.

With respect,

Em dom., 21 de fev. de 2021 às 17:18, Shaun McCance <shaunm gnome org> escreveu:
Hi all,

I just wasted a whole lot of time trying to figure out why I wasn't
seeing GNOME 40 settings in both Rawhide and Tumbleweed, only to
discover that gnome-control-center didn't get an upstream 40.beta
release until a few hours ago today.

This is extremely frustrating. For all practical purposes, that means
the freeze actually started today, not last week, because we can't do
post-freeze work on unreleased software.

The freeze is pointless without beta releases, so what can we do to
enforce that beta releases happen?


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