Regarding behaviour of Gnome and Fedora members

Hi all,

Gnome recently has stirred up controversy lately and aren't taking other people's opinions very well, to say the least. So far they've locked three threads:

They have engaged in racism and censorship in their subreddit's comment sections and, just recently, banned me for posting this article, which I've made:

You may read it for yourself. In it I cite violations of Gnome's Code of Conduct by members of the GNOME foundation or the GNOME foundation( email address), both on their subreddit and from fedora-devel list. I tried to cite as much as possible but Gnome moderators refused to hand over the moderation logs for when they locked a thread for reporting a bug when asked. I'm confident that they know what I'm talking about but just refuse to hand it over.

Keep in mind that, in Gnome's subreddit rules, it's perfectly OK to criticize GNOME in GNOME's subreddit. It's even in the sidebar, which you cannot see on old reddit(something I've told them about multiple times, but they've ignored repeatedly to fix):

"We do not shy away from criticism, in fact, we encourage it!"

GNOME members have recently said that "This mixing of ideas from a wide range of backgrounds is something that has improved free and open source software, and it should be highly valued."

However, their actions by locking threads and now banned me for sharing an article I had made goes against this statement. To be crystal clear here, the opinions shared in the article are not *just* my own. You may also read people who agree with my opinions in comment sections of the GNOME subreddit and Fedora subreddit which I shared it to:

Gnome did not say that any new threads on the topic could be made nor was there any rule breakage that I could find. I would have loved to cite more things but alas, I don't have access to the information.

Sadly the moderators of each respective subreddits have censored the threads, and not even snew shows them for some reason. I've tried contacting the fedora subreddit moderators but I have a feeling they won't ever answer.

I was planning on fileing a Code of Conduct violation, but GNOME refused to turn over the requested moderation logs, so I couldn't do so and, Gnome's Code of Conduct hints as what the result will be anyway. I have zero confidence that anything will be done, so here I am sending an email.

So, could anything be done about any of this?

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