Is any GNOME project using Mapbox legacy classic tiles with the GNOME API key?


As Mapbox has deprecated the old classic tiles, they have been sending
out notification e-mails to users who have accessed the classic styles
recently. And the key we use for GNOME Maps have been flagged for this.
I have doublechecked our tile definition, and it should use the new
tile sets. In Maps we download the tile definitions dynamically from a
service file (we have never hardcoded the tile URLs since the migration
from MapQuest back in 2016, though we did use a proxy briefly, but
stopped that, and the proxy should not working since quite a long time

I just wanted to check to see if maybe there is some other project in
GNOME that uses this service (and is still use using classic styles(
that I have missed?

The old classic tiles use a URI like (for the "streets" style):<token>

and the new ones:<token>

Or maybe some distribution has a patched version of Maps using the
legacy style?

And also the usage figures that Mapbox provided was only referring to
the classic style for "streets", not the satellite one. Oh, and also,
the classic style tiles have not received any updates since sometime in


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