Re: .92 tarball deadline and hard code freeze

Ühel kenal päeval, N, 27.02.2020 kell 17:06, kirjutas Michael
I noticed we had some 3.34.4 releases recently with no changes
to translations. This churn results in users being prompted to
to install updates that are not applicable except in select locales. 
Since 3.36, we now have a translation deadline baked into the
so there's no longer need to roll stable tarballs just for late 
translations. (And certainly we should avoid this so late as .4.)

This sounds more like a "problem" with the distribution, not that such
releases shouldn't happen.
If a minor release upgrade prompts for a full system reboot, then maybe
that update shouldn't be packaged up on such distros - it shouldn't
mean the translations shouldn't get out the door in general in a tagged
release. Or they could be gated to all get pushed down all at once, so
the reboot is made for many .4 packages, some of which have bug fixes

Also so late as .4 often seems to be more like a "oh, I haven't done
any work on this module at all this cycle, so there's only translation
updates - let me get at least these out for users to benefit from the
translators work, but I'll not bump the minor as there have been no
code changes" kind of deal too, so distros prompting reboots can
include them in their next cycles updates, while others know to take
them earlier.


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