.92 tarball deadline and hard code freeze


Just a reminder that we are getting very close to GNOME 3.36 [1]!

The tarball deadline for 3.35.92 is Saturday at midnight (UTC). If you release on weekdays, please be sure to release either Thursday (tomorrow) or Friday. Normally we have a bunch of late releases on Monday and Tuesday; I'd love to see us plan ahead and release early instead of late.

Reminder that hard code freeze also begins Saturday at midnight, after which all code changes for 3.36 require release team approval. The hard code freeze will ensure we don't introduce any last-minute mistakes before 3.36.


* Saturday, Feb 29: 3.35.92 tarball deadline and hard code freeze
* Saturday, March 7: 3.36.0 tarball deadline
* Wednesday, March 11: GNOME 3.36.0 release day


[1] https://wiki.gnome.org/ThreePointThirtyfive

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