Re: More proposed release schedule changes

On Wed, Feb 19, 2020 at 5:51 pm, Iain Lane <iain orangesquash org uk> wrote:
any thoughts on why we might have quality
issues with .0 releases or is it really mostly about the schedule?

I don't think it's *mostly* about schedule... it's mostly about lack of upstream QA. But schedule plays a significant role, too, especially since we rely so much on downstream QA that is only just now getting started, after we've entered our final code freeze.

Earlier testing of the beta releases in Ubuntu would definitely help a lot. The earlier we start testing .90, the better.

I guess the problem with my proposal is if you hope .1 to be released before Ubuntu beta freeze, that definitely won't be possible. (Then again, ideally Ubuntu beta would ship a month earlier with .90, and GNOME packages would be updated several times between then and the final release.) If we shift back two weeks, the .1 tarball deadline would be October 10, still leaving plenty of time to update to .1 before Ubuntu final release if you're willing to do that...?


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