Sign-up to mentor a project or apply for Outreachy by February 24

Hi all,

The GNOME Foundation has confirmed funding for three spots in Outreachy for the May 2020 round! If you would like to mentor this round, please head to as soon as possible and submit your project idea there. All project ideas need to be added in the Outreachy's application system by mentors by 4pm UTC on February 24 and approved by the triage committee (Matthias Clasen, Allan Day, and Sriram Ramkrishna) and coordinator (me) by 4pm UTC on February 25. Only ideas approved in the system by February 25 will be available for Outreachy this round.

You can offer the same project idea for Outreachy as you are offering for Google Summer of Code (you still need to list it in the Outreachy system as described above). If you have the same applicant who applies for both programs, we will first consider them for GSoC, as GNOME has more spots there. However, please note that the GSoC stipend is less than the Outreachy stipend in many countries. Outreachy has some guidance related to that for applicants: and

Initial Outreachy applications are also due by 4pm UTC on February 25. If you are interested in participating, you can review the Outreachy applicant guide at and apply at Outreachy has recently restructured its application process so that all applicants have the same amount of time to contribute to projects during the contribution period, which this round is from March 5 to April 7.

Because GNOME only usually has a few participants in Outreachy, we are looking to offer projects that are most strategic for GNOME. These include, but are not limited to, projects in the area of privacy, GTK+, core experience, core applications, developer experience, and development infrastructure. More information about GNOME's participation in Outreachy is available at .

Please feel free to e-mail gnome-outreachy-list gnome org , which is a private mailing list with Outreachy coordinator and mentors for GNOME, with any questions.


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